A few words about the product

Pine sawn timber is one of the most popular sawmill materials due to its relatively low price and high quality. The most sought after pine board in the first quality category is used primarily for furniture production, but is also used in the window, door and floor industry. It is also used as elements on wall facades. Dry pine lumber is also used to make plywood and packaging. Pine sawn timber is a wood with average resistance to fungi. Pine boards are relatively easy to process both by machine and by hand.

Pine lumber sands well but is difficult to polish. It gives strong joints with metal fasteners, but pre-drilling is required. Pine lumber can be glued successfully, as this species of wood is very well suited for this purpose. Polyurethane-epoxy, polyurethane and hybrid adhesives are recommended. Pine boards can be stained well. The top layer will then be a coat of harder polyurethane varnish.

Quality classes - our standards

The classification of our pine lumber is subject to strict standards.
This means that we have our own pine board guidelines,
which assign the appropriate class categories to it.
The classification of our lumber is as follows:

Class I

lumber with very high visual qualities, at least one side of the board knotless (or with a single small knot),

Class II

high class lumber with acceptable healthy knots

Class III

lumber characterized by greater knottiness, losses after knots or the presence of knots with rot excluded.

Below we have prepared a catalogue of images of pine sawn timber, including a breakdown into individual classes.
This will give you an idea of what a board category looks like according to our standards.
32mm, class III

Thickness and width - our standards

The dimensions that our untrimmed pine lumber has are standardised with us.
Below is a breakdown by thickness, width and length:

Moisture content of untrimmed pine lumber


The moisture content
of our pine sawn timber ranges from 7 to 11%.

The drying time for pine timber 24 mm thick is about 3-4 weeks.

After drying, the boards leave the drying chamber
and are transported to a heated warehouse,
where the finished product awaits its recipient.


Our sawmill offers professional transport for bulk orders.
We have two trucks with platforms, but we are also able to arrange external forwarding on request.
The load capacity of each of our vehicles is 24 tons. The material is transported throughout Poland and other European countries.

Orders / Contact

Tartak Kleniewski

We invite to cooperation both domestic clients (Poland) and from other European countries. Kleniewski Tartak company runs regular deliveries to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
We are also open to other destinations.

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