A few words about the product

Squared timber is a very popular element of wood construction manufactured by sawmill companies. Among the products recommended as building materials are oak scantlings, distinguished by their excellent properties. The possibility of free-cutting, impregnating, milling, sanding, ageing or painting allows the order to be tailored to specific needs, conditions and construction requirements. Scantlings are very popular as construction and finishing products. The lengths and cross-sections of the product are highly varied. They are primarily made of coniferous trees, but oak scantlings are characterised by exceptional usability parameters.

Oak scantlings are considered to be exceptionally solid construction material and an excellent assembly element. They also prove useful as garden architecture and as a support for partition walls. Many people especially appreciate their aesthetics, hence the use of oak beams for well exposed elements. If you are planning a wooden structure, choose oak scantlings from our offer in order to make a structure of the highest durability and high visual value.

Oak scantlings are primarily used for:

  • producing supports for various types of building structures – oak scantlings are perfect for supporting the roof surface protruding from the building or for making columns at home,
  • producing stairs – you can count on extremely stable and strong steps that will delight with their functionality, but also with unusual elegance. What is important, oak wood is so hard that there is no need to worry about mechanical damages and scratches on the wood surface,
  • construction of wooden garden projects – thanks to oak edges it is possible to ensure appropriate durability of garden sheds construction. They can also be used to make benches in summerhouses.
  • The construction of children’s playgrounds – squared timber ensures not only stability of the structure, but also its resistance to heavy loads, so
    children can play safely, and a children’s house or other structure will serve for many years in an excellent condition,
  • production of furniture and individual furniture elements – bed frames or coffee tables made of joists are sure to catch the eye. This is also a good way to make a mezzanine floor.

Oak scantlings manufactured in Kleniewski Tartak

Squared timber can be divided into product categories:

  • not planed – these are raw construction squared timber which should be properly prepared for use, e.g. by sanding;
  • planed – in this case, they have already undergone the appropriate processing, so they have a smooth surface and an ideal shape;
  • glued – finished products made by gluing layers of wood with the addition of resin.

Tartak Kleniewski offers its clients products in the category of NON-BONDED scantlings.

With the help of our highly developed machine park, we are able to realise orders with strictly defined specifications. All orders are tailored to the dimensions specified by the client: cross-section and length, as well as quality and, last but not least, the price of the product.

Kantówka dębowa

Thickness and width - our standards

In the case of oak scantlings, it is our client who decides on the thickness and width of the product.
Depending on the client’s needs, we cut the scantlings according to the specifications of the order.



The minimum length of the scantlings is 2.2 m and the maximum is up to 12 m, which is an exception in the sawmill industry.
Tartak Kleniewski is also famous for producing scantlings with a very large cross-section – up to 45 cm x 45 cm. .

Oak scantlings - moisture levels


Due to the fact that the oak scantlings produced at Kleniewski sawmill are raw wood, moisture contents are not measured. The average moisture content of raw oak wood varies between 62% and 68%.


Tartak Kleniewski also offers vacuum pressure impregnation of the ordered goods. The impregnation process involves extracting air from wood cells and injecting an impregnating agent in its place. It is carried out in modern computer-controlled autoclaves. For saturation we use water solutions of CTB P+ certified impregnates: Korasit CC and Tanalith E 3475.


Our sawmill offers professional transport for bulk orders.
We have two trucks with platforms, but we are also able to arrange external forwarding on request.
The load capacity of each of our vehicles is 24 tons. The material is transported throughout Poland and other European countries.

Orders / Contact

We invite to cooperation both domestic clients (Poland) and from other European countries. Kleniewski Tartak company runs regular deliveries to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
We are also open to other destinations.

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