A few words about the product

Tartak Kleniewski sells post-production materials, including ash. Wood ash is a by-product of biomass combustion in our kilns. It is an excellent fertiliser, it improves the soil structure, encourages the development of microflora, especially nitrogen-fixing bacteria, although it does not contain nitrogen itself. It is particularly suitable for lawns, vegetables and plants that like alkaline soils. The purchase of ash is available only for wholesale orders.


Our sawmill organises the transport of bulk materials using the services of a forwarding company.

Orders / Contact

We invite to cooperation both domestic clients (Poland) and from other European countries. Kleniewski Tartak company runs regular deliveries to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
We are also open to other destinations.

+48 84 660 70 53
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