Kleniewski Sawmill is a company where tradition meets modernity. It is a company in which many years of experience are complemented by interesting solutions that follow the spirit of the times. This is thanks to two generations: father and son, Waldemar and Waldemar Junior Kleniewski. Meeting every day at work, they form a strong pillar of the whole company, which has been operating for 33 years, constantly developing and expanding its horizons. Kleniewski. Today, Kleniewski Sawmill is a powerful company, equipped with state-of-the-art woodworking equipment, whose centre is composed of invariably people with passion. The transformation that the plant has undergone over more than three decades makes its image today radically different from the fledgling sawmill of 1987. We invite you to learn about the landmark dates in the history of the sawmill hardwood is used to create above- and below-ground structures.

1987 Start of activities

Waldemar Kleniewski has decided to buy land in Bondyrz. Two buildings stood on the site, one of which housed the pre-war vertical sawmill that was then the heart of the sawmill. Shortly after the purchase of the investment, the company Zakład Tartaczny Kleniewski Waldemar was established.

1990 Change of company profile

The economic crisis turned the sawmill from a service to a production facility. The plant started its own production of wet coniferous sawn timber.

1992 Unexpected motivation to act

The unfortunate event of a fire that burned down the sawmill hall. The old building was replaced by a new one, including a new production line equipped with two FTA 60 sawmills.

1993 Construction of the first dryer

The demand for dry coniferous lumber was growing. The construction of the dryer proved to be a hit. The offer includes sawn timber and the possibility of drying roof trusses.

1995 Extension of the coniferous assortment

The sawmill is constantly expanding within softwood. A new production hall was built for the production of planed and glued softwood.

1996 Construction of a boiler house

The construction of the boiler house, in which a 3 MGV BINDER furnace was placed, began. In addition, a sharpening shop was built, as well as another hall for completely new production.

1997 Appearance of oak

The sawmill's offer has expanded to include deciduous species. Production of frieze, mosaics and oak edged boards for export to Spain began. This year also saw the start of construction of a complex of 10 dryers, each with an input of 100 m3.

2002 Start of production of oak sawn timber

After the dryer was built, the drying of oak sawn timber began. Already at that time, sales of carpentry board amounted to 400-500 m3 per month, which is 60% of today's turnover.

2004 Purchase of a sawmill from France

In order to modernise the production line, Waldemar Kaniewski decided to purchase an entire sawmill complex from France, which was transported to and installed in Bondyrz. Another step was the purchase of a BALJER ZEMBROD log handling crane, which significantly improved the production process.

2010 Construction of a sorting plant

The growing production of carpentry oak lumber required the creation of a large, heated storage hall, so a 1400 m2 sorting facility was built.

2017 New energy in the company

The owner's son, Waldemar Junior Kleniewski, joins the company and the plant takes a definite course towards mechanisation and automation of production. A strong emphasis was placed on increasing the processing of oak raw material from 8,000 m3 to 12,000 m3 per year, which made it possible to enter foreign markets. A new product has been added to the offer - oak scantlings.

2018 The big project

In search of the best methods to produce sawn timber, Waldemar Junior starts to research the available solutions on the European market. The decision is made to buy a PRIMULTINNI BONGIOANNI pushchair. The design of the line and the reconstruction of the existing hall follow.

2021 The most modern production line in Europe
+ many changes

One of the most modern production lines in Europe is put into operation, allowing any type of cut to be produced with unprecedented precision to the millimetre. The modern belt line is equipped with a trolley of the Italian brand BONGIOANNI. The dryers have been modernised with a proprietary solution from the Swedish company ALENT DYNAMIC, which has made it possible to optimise the drying process in terms of its duration and the amount of energy required.

Plant infrastructure

Production line T2

One of the most modern production lines in Europe, it allows for any type of cut. It is equipped with a carriage of the Italian brand Bongioanni, whose feed rate is up to 160m/min.

Production line T3

The Boegli horizontal band saw is used to saw unusual logs. It is possible to cut a block with a diameter of 120 cm and a length of up to 12 m on this stand.

Production line T4

The vertical belt line is designed for the production of both pine and oak sawn timber. However, it is mainly used as a supplement to other lines in the sawmill.

Vacuum manipulator

The collection station on T4 was equipped with an AHS brand vacuum manipulator. The manipulator allows free handling of lumber with different unevenness, porosity and a weight of 240 kg.

Sorting plant S1

The sorting office is a heated storage hall with an area of 1400 m2. This is where the lumber is sorted for quality and orders are completed for customers.

Sharpening shop O1

The high throughput of wood and the continuous three-shift operation of the band saw machines require frequent changes of saws. The sawmill has a separate facility where saws are sharpened daily.

Workshop W1

The highly developed machine park and the continuous modernisation of the sawmill require a technical back-up facility. The mechanical workshop continuously implements expansion projects and supervises the ongoing maintenance of the machines.

Office B1

An office building is an integral part of any business. It houses, among other things, a Service Desk where customers can purchase available products on the spot.

Work stations Z1 and Z2

The sawmill is equipped with two separate stations for handling oak and pine logs. Bajler Zembrod is a leading crane manufacturer in the timber industry.

Barking machine

Both the oak and pine material handling station is equipped with a barking machine. Bark from oak logs is removed using the Hava debarker, while pine bark is removed using the Cambio debarker.

Waterproofing station

Bochemit GB Profi impregnation in brown colour is used for immersion impregnation. The product has all the necessary certificates and is designed to protect the roof trusses and other wooden structures against fungi and insects.

Dryer complex

The total input of the chamber dryers at the sawmill is over 1200 m3. The dryers are equipped with the Swiss Alent Dynamic thermal treatment system. By moistening the wood in the first drying phase, the natural cracking process is reduced to a minimum.


The heart of the sawmill is a 3 MGV Binder biomass kiln. The cooker is suitable for burning both dry and wet fuel.


An important element in the production line is the John Deere 6150M tractor. The vehicle is used to transport round oak raw material from the manipulation station to the sawing station.


A JCB loader is essential when loading bulk materials. It is also used for transporting single logs of non-specific dimensions.

Transport vehicles

The sawmill is equipped with its own transport fleet, which includes 2 Scania platform trucks. The load capacity of each vehicle is 24 tonnes.


The round material we obtain for the production of our material comes exclusively from certified state forests, which are certified by the non-governmental organisation FSC – Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes sustainable forest management. The FSC certificate is currently the most reliable and worldwide recommended by major environmental organisations such as WWF and Greenpeace.

Out of concern for the environment, our plant is equipped with a modern ecological biomass furnace, which directly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and other harmful substances. The kiln burns wood processing residues, mainly sawmill chips and bark. This makes us self-sufficient in heating our dryers and the rest of the plant.

In line with the zero waste concept, every log that enters our yard is completely recycled. Inherent in the production of sawn timber is the post-processing material, which is completely recycled. Some of the material, such as sawn timber chips, is used as fuel for our biomass cooker. Other loose products such as bark, paper chips and sawdust are for resale.


During 33 years of presence of Zakład Tartaczny KLENIEWSKI on the market, we have become specialists in our field.

Thanks to our reliable work, we have gained the trust of many leading Polish companies in the wood industry.

The continuous growth of the company has also resulted in interest from our foreign contractors.

Orders / Contact

We invite to cooperation both domestic clients (Poland) and from other European countries. Kleniewski Tartak company runs regular deliveries to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
We are also open to other destinations.

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