A few words about the product

Oak is a high quality material used by manufacturers of furniture, floors, windows and doors. The main feature of oak wood is its high density, which makes oak lumber very hard and resistant to abrasion. An advantage of oak wood is also its unique visual qualities. Due to the way the wood is processed and the quality class of the given raw material, the resulting products may be characterised by various stylistics. The effect we ultimately achieve when working with oak wood is stunningly spectacular.

Oak wood will be a good choice in both modern and rustic interiors. Doors made of oak wood can become a showcase of the house, which invites our guests inside. Oak wood is valued not only in Poland, but also throughout the world, primarily for its aesthetic and durability qualities. Given the high resistance of oak wood to wet conditions, it is very often used as a construction material for shipbuilding, as well as for water construction in general. This means that it is also used in the manufacture of railway sleepers and barrels. It is also valued by turners and woodcarvers, who create beautiful wooden elements. Due to its high hardness, it is used for building above- and underground structures.

“The first criterion for choosing lumber is how it is processed in the manufacturing process. There are two categories of lumber available for sale on the market. Oak lumber with and without edging. What is the difference between these two products?
Oak rough sawn timber is made by sawing round wood into what are commonly known as boards. The aim of the wood production process, in this case, is to obtain two parallelly processed board surfaces, while the side edges retain their natural edging. In comparison, edged timber is characterised by four processed board edges and the front of the board.”

Quality classes - our standards

The classification of our oak lumber is subject to strict standards.
This means that we have our own guidelines for oak planks,
which assign the appropriate class categories to them.
The classification of our lumber is as follows:

Class I

lumber with very high visual qualities, sapwood only on the edges; unacceptable internal cracks and falling knots; healthy knots allowed on the corner of the board, for widths greater than 250 mm; – not open,

Tarcica dębowa stolarska nieobrzynana

Class II

lumber with sapwood permissible, not only on the edges but also coming into the open; sound knots up to 3 pieces permissible, front cracks permissible – not open,

Class III

lumber with permissible knots of regular and irregular shape; permissible knots and holes after knots, face cracks – slightly opened, core cracks, sapwood permissible going into the reveal,

Lumber with insect pavements

• lumber with insect pavements.

Tarcica dębowa stolarska nieobrzynana
Below, we have prepared a catalogue of images of oak lumber for you, including a breakdown into the individual classes.
This will give you an idea of what a board category looks like according to our standards.

Thickness and width - our standards

The dimensions that our untrimmed oak lumber has are standardised with us.
Below is a breakdown by thickness, width and length:

Oak rough sawn timber - moisture content levels


The moisture content of our lumber
ranges from 7 to 11%.

Due to the thickness of the timber and the drying process, the time it takes for the wood to reach the required moisture level varies from 5 weeks to 3 months.

After drying, the boards leave the drying chamber
and are transported to a heated warehouse,
where the finished product awaits its recipient.


Our sawmill offers professional transport for bulk orders.
We have two trucks with platforms, but we are also able to arrange external forwarding on request.
The load capacity of each of our vehicles is 24 tons. The material is transported throughout Poland and other European countries.

Orders / Contact

We invite to cooperation both domestic clients (Poland) and from other European countries. Kleniewski Tartak company runs regular deliveries to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
We are also open to other destinations.

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