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In 1987, Waldemar Czeslaw Kleniewski established his own sawmill in Bondyrz. In 2017, the company was transformed into a general partnership and Waldemar Kleniewski Jr (the son) joined the company as a co-partner. The main asset of the company is currently the high capacity of chamber driers (about 1250 m3). Despite large production, the sawmill deals with both wholesale and retail sail. You are welcome to look through our offer.

Our certificates

Bondyrz Sawmill, Waldemar Kleniewski general partnership is FSC® certified with the number FSC® C005140 (NC-COC-012827). The certificate includes coniferous sawn timber, oak sawn timber, sawdust and wood chips.

The certificate was issued by NEPCon Sp. z o.o [Ltd.]